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Subject 29.png
Creamy Lemon Shrimp   8 | 16
Subject 30.png
Korean Rice Cake    6
Subject 60.png
Pink Love Noodle  18    (shrimp, Beet)
Subject 38.png
Tonkatsu Burger   18
Subject 34.png
Gochujiang Kimchi Bibim Noodle    16
Subject 36.png
Matcha Cheese cake    8
Subject 37.png
Matcha Tiramisu    10


Kaneyama Sparkling Water          9
Sparkling mineral water sourced from Iken cold spring in Oku-aizu, Japan. The spring water is naturally carbonated. This water has been known for its healing power from ancient times, and the upper class enjoyed it in Meiji period.
Its supply was once cut off due to difficulty taking out the water, but after 140 years, we managed to source and deliver it to customers across the nation.
Subject 48.png

Bye January, It's February's Time 

Harmont Collection Intense Arabica (limited annual release)        28
-sweet oak, tiramisu, coffee and dark Chocolate 
Subject 49.png
Harmont Collection Amber Meadow       28
-Created in collaboration with Stella and Mary McCartney
-rich oak, lemon, melon, almond and green tea
Subject 50.png
18 Years Old Sherry Oak Cask 2023 Edition   50
-mature oak, ginger and raisin  
Subject 61.png
Nihonshu Plum Wine    $32 | Bottle 
Muromachi Shuzo uses the only pure strain of Sake Rice in Japan, the rare & difficult to cultivate Omachi rice, as well as some of the best water in Japan, "Omachi Spring Mineral Water". They believe in unique, high quality sake.
Subject 62.png
Nanbu Bijin Plum Wine                             $15 | 8oz     $79  |  720ml Bottle 
Nanbu Bijin Umeshu infuses only Ume plums into their one-of-a-kind “all koji” Junmai Sake. Sugar is not needed, since plums and koji rice are naturally sweet.
New   Dawn  Rosemary, Ginger beer, orange        12
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