Sichuan Tan Tan Noodle  16




Pork Belly Cotton Candy   17

Braised pork belly topped with a dollop of cotton candy and drizzle


Vegetable Spring Roll  3P | 6


Homemade Scallion Pancake   7


Edamame      5


Avocado Salad     9     GF

Dressing options: yuzu or sesame


Takoyaki-Octopus Ball 8


Roasted Shiitake Bun 2P | 14

Pork Belly Bun   2P | 9


Y Fries     7     

Karaage Popcorn Chicken   9

Potato Korokke     7 


Tempura Shrimp   9


Seaweed Salad   5   GF

Pan-Fried Whole Shrimp Gyoza   6P | 15

Contains both pork and shrimp


Veggie Gyoza     6P | 8     

Contains both veggies and edamame


Pan-Fried Snow Gyoza     10

Contains Pork   


Y Shishu    14

Scallion Pancake Roll with Two Tempura Shrimps


Wagyu Beef     59

Hudson Valley Foie Gras  24

Crispy wonton shells filled with foie gras and caramelized onions, and topped with yuzu-pear purée 



Original Soup Dumplings 5P | 9    

 Contains pork


Y Crab Soup Dumplings   5P | 11

Contains both crab meat and pork


Black Marble Soup Dumpling   5P | 15

Blue Marble Soup Dumpling   5P | 15


BAO 包子


ShangHai Pan-Fried Bao   5P | 15    

Contains pork


Butakaku Bao        3P | 8

Bao with ground pork, ginger, sake and savory sauce


Toriniku Bao       3P |9

Bun with chopped chicken breast, kimchee, and mozzarella cheese


Vegetable Bao  3P | 8


Bao Trio     3P | 9

Butakaku, Toriniku Bao, Vegetable Bao




Pork Chive Shrimp Dumpling   15

The bowl contains 6 dumplings, alongside egg, seaweed, and mixed greens.


Chicken and Mushroom Dumpling 15

The bowl contains 6 dumplings, alongside egg, seaweed, and mixed greens.

Squid Ink Dumpling  15

The bowl contains 6 dumplings, alongside egg, seaweed, and mixed greens

Kimchi Fried Rice Set with Miso Soup 14.00 V

Japanese style Vegetable Fried Rice 14.00 V


Tonkatsu    18  

Deep-Fried Pork cutlet with Rice and Miso soup


Salmon          22     GF

Salmon seared w/sake, served w/rice or Salad, miso soup, spring mix, avocado and Yuzu or Sesame sauce    


Unadon        22      GF

Eel seared w/sake, serve w/ miso soup, rice and salad



Gluten-free Noodle Available


Pork Ramen    14


Spicy Miso Ramen      15

Chicken Udon    18

Tonkatsu Ramen     21


Salmon En Papillote Ramen   21

Stir-fried Ramen With Salmon, onion, pepper


Noodle Trio    25           

Three Noodle: Stewed Beef Hiyashi; Spicy Miso Noodle; Pork Ramen with multiple side dishes


Stewed Beef/Pork Hiyashi 16

Cold noodle with stewed beef or Pork Belly, cucumber, garlic, cilantro and homemade spicy sauce

Snow Mountain Ramen 15  V

Tofu Based Vegetable Creamy broth Ramen

*Y Dan Dan Noodle 15

Spicy homemade dan dan sesame sauce mixed with ramen noodles. Topped with cucumbers, carrots, seaweed, egg, and tempura shrimp


*Y Shoyu Ramen   14

Sea vegetable/mushroom-based shoyu soup topped with pork belly, bamboo, egg, and mushroom

* Means Vegan or Vegetarian options

Wagyu Beef Ramen    39

Pork/Chicken-based soup topped with Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef     


Green Tea Ice Cream   6


Yuzu Sorbet    7    


Uji Hojicha Ice Cream   7

(Brown Roasted Tea)   



Oolong/Jasmine/Black       5 | Ice   6 | Hot | Pot    

Choice of Flavor: Peach/Passion Fruit/Mango/Lemon/Grapefruit/Yuzu    1  


Oolong/Jasmine/Black Milk Tea      6 

Choice of Flavor: Peach/Passion Fruit/Mango/Lemon/Grapefruit/Yuzu   1  

Iced Oolong Tea w. Hand Whipped Cheese Foam   8       


Iced Peach Oolong w. Hand Whipped Cheese Foam     8     


Iced Black Tea w. Hand Whipped Cheese Foam        8   

Iced Jasmine Green Tea w. Hand Whipped Cheese Foam   8   


Matcha Latte      6    Matcha Latte W. Green Tea Ice Cream    9  


Whole Lemon Yuzu Tea       7 | Pot


Soft Drinks

Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/Mist/Ginger Ale/Mountain Dew/Tonic Water   2  

Cranberry Juice/Orange Juice/ Pineapple Juice      3

Sparking water     6 | Bottle  

Y Flavor Calpico (non-carbonated beverage made from high quality nonfat milk)    6

Choice of Flavor: Peach/Passion Fruit/Mango/Lemon/Grapefruit/Yuzu     


Y Flavor Calpico Soda    7   

Choice of Flavor: Peach/Passion Fruit/Mango/Lemon/Grapefruit/Yuzu                                    


Y Wine 

Pinot Noir/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon              8 / Glass

Pinot Grigio/Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay        8 / Glass

Prosecco    8 / Bottle          Rosé Sparkling Wine     8 / Bottle

Hakutsuru Plum Wine     8 | Glass



Blue Moon/Asahi/Narragansett/New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA/Heineken/ Guinness/Foolproof IPA/Sierra Nevada Pale/Whalers 4


Kirin   6      Sapporo    4 | Bottle   7 | Can                                      



Chivas Regal 12Yr/Johnnie Walker/Glenfiddich 12Yr/Balvenie Doublewood 12Yr/Oban/Bulleit/Redemption/Seagram’s & Crown


Y Cocktail                 

Cosmic Coral -Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice    11

Shungyo -Sake, Vodka, Green Tea liqueur, Rose    14

Daiquiri -White Rum, Yuzu    11

Moon River -Bourbon/Cointreau/Grapefruit Juice/Yuzu    12

Yullini -Sparkling Wine/Yuzu       10

Y Gin & Tonic - Japanese Roku Gin/Elderflower Liqueur   11  


Y Margarita-Olmeca Altos/Cointreau/Grapefruit/Yuzu/Lime   12

St. Germain in Tokyo -Shochu, Elderflower/Yuzu Juice.       11

Tokyo Mule -Japanese Roku Gin, Grapefruit, Ginger Beer      12

Lychee Mango Sunrise -Japanese Roku Gin                   13

Y Grapefruit Mojito- White Rum, Red Grapefruit         13

Y Green Tea Shots Set -Whiskey, green tea, peach        3 Shots | 12  

Y Espresso Martini – Ajinomoto Coffee         13

Y Old Fashioned- Suntory Toki/Bitters/Amarena Cherry/Spicy       16

Gynoecium Old Fashioned- Peanut Butter whiskey/Yuzu bitter       19


Korean Soju (clear, colorless distilled spirit of Korean origin)      13 | Bottle




Y Ozenki Sake         8 | Carafe

Karatamba Sake- Hyoga, Japan      15 | 300ml Bottle

Hakutsuru Organic Junmai- Kinki, Japan, Dry       12 | 300ml Bottle

Tamagawa “Time Machine”-Kyoto, Japan        31 | 360ml Bottle

       Sweet, Savory and full of Unami goodness 

Akitabare “Koshiki Junzukuri”- Akita, Japan, Dry       17 | 300ml Bottle

     Pleasingly dry and quite mild, a well-crafted traditional sake

Y Sake Trio -    15 

  • Hoyo”kura no Hana” -A truly light sake with sweetness, delicacy and finesse

  • Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo”- Summer Snow: lively, voluptuous…a deluxe label for nigori fans

  • Seitoku “Bessen”- Sake ordinaire, poised and tasty 

Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Sake- Kinki, Japan, Dry      10 | Carafe   34 | 720ml Bottle

Kuromatsu-Hakushika Sake- Hyoga, Japan    12 | Carafe

Ozenki Ikezo Peach Sake Jelly Shot      9 | Can

Hana Yuzu Sparkling Sake     13 | 250ml Bottle

Sparkling Sake   11 | 300ml Bottle  Mango Sparkling Sake   12 | 250ml Bottle

Gekkeikan Nigori Sake        19 | Bottle